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Custom Work

Fulton Design Studio can create
one-of-a-kind art quilts and table linens to meet your exact specifications. We can provide fabric to complement any décor, and design pieces that fit a specific wall space or table. Our pieces can be embellished with photography, appliqués and other custom  design elements for a look that is distinctly yours. We also specialize in creating personalized wall hangings as unique wedding gifts.

Contact us for a free estimate, and find out how easy it can be to have custom fiber art created just for you.

Custom Art Quilt
36" x 48"

The Story of "Chameleon "

For this custom art quilt, our customer asked us to create a large piece of art inspired by a photograph of her pet chameleon's tail (picture at left).  She wanted the main colors to be a variety of blues, with a green background.

Using a computer design tool -- plus a large dose of imagination -- we created the blue spiral to represent the tail, piecing together a variety of batik fabrics.  The green background was pieced separately, and the "tail" was appliqued to it.  The whole piece was extensively quilted, then mounted on a frame.

The result is a piece that is uniquely hers. 

Why not bring your idea to Fulton Design Studio, and see what we can create just for you?